My Favourite Ride

I have told so many people about my favourite ride on the Mediterranean Riviera that I thought I would put fingers to keyboards and get pictures recorded for everyone to see. Every time I am in France I get excited about doing this ride because I cant imagine a better experience on a bike anywhere in the world. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

As you can see from the map below this is approximately 140Km (84 miles) out and back route from Beaulieu-Sur-Mer in France to San Remo in Italy. The ride also includes climbing the famous Poggio which is part of the Milan to San Remo cycling race every year.

I generally do this ride very early in the morning as soon as it is light so I can see the sun coming up and get it completed before lunch time so I can enjoy wine and food on the beach afterwards!

The first 10km of the day is tough climbing up to the famous road called La Turbie. However, you are rewarded with some amazing views over Cap Ferrat as you climb out of the town and up into the mountains above the sea

Its a steep climb...especially towards the end.

But you get this at the top!

Once at the top there is a short ride over to the village La Turbie

Followed by a very long descent into Monaco...

And after a short climb there is another restful descent into Menton on the Italian border.

Into Italy...

Another 20km or so and I take a rest for breakfast in Ventimiglia..Espresso and Croissant overlooking the square

And now onto San Remo...through the Italian morning commuter traffic

Up the Poggio

Takes some effort!

Great view at the top over San Remo

And now I start my route home...instead of going on La Turbie again on the way back I go through the center of Monaco...and ride some of the Formula 1 route in the harbour

Once out of Monaco and a few towns along the coast road I arrive back at Beaulieu Sur Mer...lunch, wine and a rest on the beach awaits!