A drive to San Diego sitting on a tennis ball ...

I am writing this whilst sitting on a plane from LA to NY having spent the weekend at the Braveheart Highland Games Triathlon Training Camp in San Diego.

I got up at 3.45am this morning to get to LA airport in time for a 8am flight to NY. I had to leave early because another winter storm is due in NY later this evening and I promised my family I will be home for the Super Bowl viewing extravaganza.

So I was on the 2 hour journey at 4.30am driving on the freeway north of San Diego sitting on a tennis ball trying to release a rather painful muscle strain in my bottom when it occurred to me 'what the hell am I doing?!'. (The reason for using a tennis ball is another story that I will tell some other day)

I have spent the weekend all around the city of San Diego. Swimming in the sea at Ventura Cove near Sea World Thursday, running intervals up steep hills and cycling the Great Western Loop on Friday, and up Mount Palomar Saturday. Over eight hours of training in two days. Then just to make sure my muscles got a full workout we took part in an old fashioned Scottish Highland Games in NTC Park. This involved, amongst others, teams 'tossing the caber' or in our case a surfboard, racing with 40lb sand bags, and a tug of war.

I have met some amazing people who have told me their unbelievable and inspiring stories. I also saw some really talented athletes training at a pace I will never reach. I have done some great training, captured some great views around the city and seen a glimpse of the triathlon community of San Diego.

Bear in mind that I missed Thursday morning training and will miss swim, bike and run sessions today...I had to get up on Thursday morning in NY at 3am and drive down to JFK. The apparent 'snowmageddon' that was supposed to happen Tuesday cancelled my original Wednesday flight.

So crazy right? I should be heading towards 50 'elegantly'....taking part in more sedate activities more suited to my age group...most normal people would think so.

Definitely not...this weekend has convinced even more that I am living the right life. In fact it has added to my motivation to keep improving and striving to be the best I can be. Life is a one time deal and is lived one day at a time. Every day, in its own way is important. If you have the ability and a passion you must do your best to fulfill it. Live for today not yesterday...I count myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity and ability to even take part. Long may it continue!