Ironman Wisconsin, Madison 2012


A great day in my 3rd Ironman punctures, no bottle cages flying off, or broken cables!

I was aiming for a time under 12 hours. As you will see from the photo I missed it by 19minutes

Everything went to plan until around mile 15 on the run...I ran out of energy and slowly but surely walked more than I should have done.

I needed to finish before 7pm but the clock ticked over 12 hours when I was at the drink station inside 2 miles. I could see the Wisonsin state building where the finish line was set up...very frustrating...

Anyway I beat my PB by over 30 minutes which is very satisfying. I am so glad I went back to Madison for my third outing. It is such a great course and the crowds are absolutely brilliant.

I had such a memorable weekend with Ana, Jamie and my Dad who was visiting from the UK. It was also great to be together with my Triumph training friends, coaches, and their family and friends. They were all cheering me from beginning to end of the day...I am very lucky!

Me in a funny helmet... 

And over the line....!