The Pescador Cup



The Pescador Cup is an annual invitational men's golf competition. The competition is contested in the month of May at the Ocean Course Golf Course at the Kiawah Island golf resort in South Carolina, USA.   

The name of the cup was coined by Graeme Muirhead after a visit to the Kiawah Island resort in 2012 where the scenery inspired his fellow golfers to think of a stylishly dressed Portuguese fisherman. 'Pescador' is the Spanish word for fisherman and after much deliberation the group decided to instigate an annual competition of the same name to celebrate Graeme's excellent personal style.


 Photograph of the famous trophy circa 2015

Photograph of the famous trophy circa 2015

The design and build for the cup was commissioned by Ana Muirhead from a world renowned trophy designer in April 2015. Interestingly enough, even though it is named as the Pescador Cup, the actual award is a 15 inch crystal vase. At the base of the vase the words 'It's how you swing your pole' can clearly be read. This is in no doubt an intentional juxtaposition between poles used for fishing and clubs used for golf.

The current holder of the cup is entitled to look after the vase for a year after victory, at which time it must be returned for the next year's competition.

Competition format

Originally contested in May 2015 the winner of the trophy is the golfer who has the lowest net score over two rounds of the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

The handicaps are agreed in advance with the official scorer before the first round is started. In the absence of an agreement (verbal is appropriate) then a player will have a default of handicap of scratch. Handicaps cannot be changed between rounds of the competition.

Scoring Rules

In order for a score to qualify to be included in the competition the following rules apply:

1 All shots must be verified by fellow players in the same group as the competitor.

2 Not all putts need be holed but 'gimme's' must be verified by at least 2 other players in a competitors group. That being said, the first putt on a green or a sub par putt cannot be given.

3 Score cards fully filled out with the Gross and Net score needs to be turned in by each competitor to the official scorer at the end of each qualifying round

4 Any single hole score more than three over par will be officially scored as a triple bogey

If two cards are handed to the official scorer then the best net score out of the two rounds will count as the final score for the competitor concerned.

It should be noted that the official scorer has the final say in any clarifications of rules or disputes.

2019 Event

The dates 2019 and 5th edition of the Pescador Cup competition will be held 18th & 19th May 2019

Current holder

The current holders of the Pescador cup are Alex Taylor & James Taylor

2018 scores - Winner - Alex Taylor & James Taylor
2017 scores - Winner - Ken Griffin
2016 scores - Winner - Alec Taylor
2015 scores - Winner - Alec Taylor