Olympics 2012

What an unbelievable experience. If watching Bradley Wiggins become the first Britain to win the Tour de France was not amazing enough Team GB goes on to win more golds than ever before and finishes 3rd in the medal table. What a summer for British sport...one that I think many of us Brits will never forget.

We were lucky enough to be in London whilst this all took place and we immersed ourselves in the games either live or on TV for almost all of the 2 weeks they were on.

First we went to the opening ceremony. I have to admit was a little nervous that it was going to be a bit of a national embarrassment but I was very pleasantly surprised. A really enjoyable show topped off by the real stars, the athletes. Not sure I agreed with whole dancing nurses and NHS piece...not that I have anything against the NHS but at the Olympics? The only thing that was interesting to us that viewers may not have seen on TV is how many athletes walked in, took their positions, and then promptly took a quick exit out of the stadium. It was getting late....well after midnght when we left so I suppose it is not surprising. But for most of them, like us, it was probably a once in a lifetime experience


We were so lucky in the UK ticket ballet...as well as the Opening Ceremony we got tickets to two evening swimming sessions, basketball, and rowing. We also were able to get tickets to Weightlifting while were there by just going to the games web site. Furthermore all of these events were crammed into the first 6 days of the games. Once our tickets were used we were exhausted!